Everyone needs to have life insurance. You never know what will happen in life and if you get it, you can protect yourself and your family. If something ever happened to you, they would be protected.

Life insurance is a way to make sure your family can continue without getting into a lot of financial difficulties. If you are the main breadwinner, if you died, your family would lose your income. For some, this could be a major issue.

Another reason to have life insurance is so that your family will have money to bury you and give you a proper funeral. The costs to this can be quite high, and people don’t usually have extra money sitting around to pay for them. With life insurance, your family would be able to bury you and give you a proper funeral.

They would also have the money for living expenses while they figure out what to do next. Sometimes when someone dies, it is a good idea to move. Either closer to family or for a new job. If this is the case the life insurance money is good to have so they can make decisions without having to be stressed about money.

If someone stays at home with the children and doesn’t work outside the home, there is still a reason to get life insurance. You would not be replacing their income, but the money would help with hiring someone for some of the tasks they used to do.

Spend time looking into www.paddycompare.ie website to figure out what the best policy would be. Go over your options and talk to your spouse about what is best. You want to make the right decision when it comes to life insurance and the policies that you get.