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The Parijat, a banquet hall in Ranchi’s Circular Road, does not have any parking area and vehicles parked facing disrupt traffic. (Diwakar Prasad/ HT Photo.)

    Mushrooming of halls across Ranchi is not just currently disrupting city traffic but also choking streets for hours every day, officials and residents stated.

    The town traffic gets congested at several areas that were critical, leading to long traffic snarls, inconveniencing pedestrians and motorists, said a city-based attorney, Ajay Anand Thakur.

    “The town streets are already narrow and stay congested on any particular day and now using a significant number of marriage halls which have come up, the traffic problem has increased manifold and motorists take nearly double the time to reach their destinations throughout the wedding season,” he explained.

    In 2015 the Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) set standards and guidelines to banquet halls and hostels to tighten the noose around unregistered halls, to announce them illegal and also to cancel licenses of the one flouting standards.

    According to the RMC rules, owners need to submit an application to build a marriage hall and it is mandatory for them to acquire a license from the RMC.

    The rules also establish that feast halls must have adequate parking area. The rules say that when the owners don’t acquire the license for the halls it’ll be announced as unauthorized and will be closed down.

    Deputy mayor Sanjiv Vijayvargiya said the civil organization has formed special teams or “dhawa dals” to check immigrant marriage halls.

    “Our teams keep running surprise checks to crack down on unregistered banquet halls and also to verify if norms and rules are being followed and we cancel licenses whenever needed,” he explained, adding that since marriage halls are reserved in advance, the RMC does ask the hallway management to shut down, rather give them time to ensure their customers do not face any hassle.

    “We serve a notice to banquet hall management and ask them to close their operations and give them the reason for the cancellation of the license,” he explained.

    “They can even categorize their errors and apply for the license again using the municipal company.”

    During the past one month, the RMC cancelled licenses of three halls, ” stated the city manager of RMC Swati Raj.

    “We conducted a month-long driveway in December and cracked down on three major union halls,” she explained, adding that the company has accumulated Rs. 25,000 as good from every one of the hallway management and will start a month-long driveway from January 15, once the marriage season starts.

    She explained that the RMC obtained 86 software for banquet and marriage halls from which 56 were approved and 30 rejected. In 2016-17, eight applications were obtained by the RMC from which one was approved.