If your old laptop is simply not making the cut anymore, it just might be time to purchase a new one. Many times, you will find that applications are simply not running as fast or you just have run out of space. You know that you need a new laptop, but are not sure you ae going to be able to swing it into your budget. If you are in need of a new laptop, you do not always need to go knee-deep into debt to get one. In fact, you can purchase refurbished laptops for sale at gigarefurb.

However, there are a few thigs you need to know to help you get the best laptop for your money. Refurbished laptops have gotten a bad name for a reason, but you can actually get quite a good deal.

When looking at laptops, you will want to take extra care at the year of the model. As laptops age, their batteries do not hold as long of a charge as they once did. As a general rule of thumb, most refurbished laptops do not come with new batteries, so this is something to think off, especially if you go off cord quite a bit. You may end up having to buy a new battery which can be quite expensive, depending upon the model.

Unless you are buying from a street vendor, most refurbished laptops will include a warranty. In order to protect yourself and your investment, you will want to find a laptop with at least a one-year warranty. In some cases, you will find refurbished laptops with an even longer warranty, but one-year is usually the standard. If you are looking at one with less, it is advisable to look elsewhere.