Union is a gift from God. It was back which God wanted to provide guy someone to be with, and saw that man was lonely. We see this in Genesis 2:18, “Now the Lord God explained, “It isn’t good (valuable) for the guy to be alone; I will make him a helper [person that balances hima counterpart that is]  suitable   and   complementary for him”

We should be relaying on the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our union in a manner that truly affects our world daily. The way we interact and enjoy our partner effects our kids, loved ones, friends, co-workers as well as churches. There’s not any way than visiting a husband put his life down for his spouse, to exhibit Christ’s love for the church.

“And to the husbands, you are going to show your love for your wives with the same tender dedication that Christ demonstrated to people, his bride. For he died for us sacrificing himself” — Ephesians 5:25 (The Wind Translation)

Whether you have been married for years, have kids and grandchildren and noticed it as a couple, or you’re still newlyweds in the “honeymoon” stage, nothing will aid your union like spending quality time together attending a union conference. It is not necessarily for those who want it or are “struggling”. Attending a union conference can help burning for Jesus Christ and provide you resources to have a union that’s completely alive and strengthen your marriage. Below are the marriage conventions in the country, covering a variety of topics, places and needs. It is time the entire body of Christ shows the world the ability of union and a union with Christ in the heart leads to the life that is ideal!

Best Marriage Conferences: The Best Solution For The Marriage

Weekend to Remember

Presented by: FamilyLife

Remember how appealing it was when you fell in love? Every minute was special. This memory may grow vivid as real life takes over, and you may not feel as the center of the world as frequently. That is where the Weekend to Remember union retreat comes from.

The two-and-a-half day weekend is a time to be together as a couple to spend in and reinforce the basis of your marriage, regardless of how business or delicate it really is. By eliminating from the distractions of life, you can fortify your main relationship and focus on building wonderful memories together, for decades ahead.

The Weekend to Remember marriage retreat isn’t a group counselling session or group discussion. You will not be asked to share details of your connection.

You will listen to talks that were participating from marriage specialists, then take time you researched. When you leave, you will get an range of strong communication instruments to work with for years to come.


We have over 90 Weekend to Understand events each year.

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Scott River Lodge: Husband & Wife Adventures

Presented by: JH Ranch

The Husband & Wife apps at Scott River Lodge are designed so that you and your partner will probably find reassurance rest for your bodies, and rejuvenation for your souls. Each day you and your partner will draw closer together in a setting that offers the chance to reconnect emotionally, physically and spiritually, adventures, and fun.





Set in Stone





Fort Jones, CA

Marriage Rescue

Is your union in the emergency area of your lifetime? Are you tired from all of the turmoil and strife? Do you really feel alone and beaten down, hopeless?

You don’t need to feel alone. We are here. We can help you make for. Please don’t eliminate hope. We have found it in 93, even though you might not be able to observe a happy consequence from where you reside. There’s trust — let us help you.

Afford the exam to acquire an insightful perspective on the condition of your union.


Huntersville, NC

The Ravines Retreat Center

Presented by: U-Turn Ministries

The Ravines is a retreat center for those people who have lost their attention and for unions in crisis — where union struggles have become too much to tolerate. The Ravines offers Christian intensive marriage counselling to help couples pick up the pieces of the broken (or dividing) connection, making a deeper and closer marriage.

Where couples could find healing, hope and restoration in their 20, we provide a Couples Counseling Intensive encounter. Couples receive treatment that is Christ-centered and therefore are awarded the time needed to work through painful and difficult issues.

Couples invest their weekend working together with their counselor at an environment. Their counselling time will be finished in five hour sessions.


Dyer, IN

One Marriage Conference

Presented by: Free Chapel


Welcome to the One Marriage Conference! Cherise Franklin and pastor Jentezen along with special guest Chris Hodges will reveal how to develop and develop of. Register now and revel in a weekend full of fun, pleasure and love.


Gainesville, GA

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God Loves Marriage

Presented by: Worldwide Marriage Encounter

GodLovesMarriage.org is the Lutheran term of Worldwide Marriage Encounter — that the first, faith-based, marriage enrichment experience which has helped countless couples in over 80 nations find more pleasure and pleasure in their marriage relationship.


Many locations across the U.S. and Europe.

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Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries

Perhaps You Have Lost Hope In Your Marriage?
If that’s the case, you’ve come to the ideal location. At this time, you might feel like two individuals, too far apart, with too much harm done to save your marriage. Anything you might feel here professional aid that is caring’ll be found by you for rebuilding and rebuilding your marriage. You’ll find HOPE with “A New Beginning” You owe it to devote saving this union one more try.


Many locations across the U.S.

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Focus on the Family

Strengthen the unions in your church or your union by hosting one of the Focus Marriage Conferences or attending one of the Weekend Marriage Retreats. Counselors and our speakers lead couples throughout lessons to deepen and enhance connections.


Secrets to get a Lifelong Romance

The Power of Healthy Conflict


Weekend Marriage Retreats


Branson, MO

Love After Marriage

Presented by: Nothing Hidden Ministries

From the instant we say “I really do,” we desire to have a strong and intimate union, and few individuals are in fact experiencing this with their partner. Love After Marriage helps couples join to a deep and intimate level so they can go through the type of marriage they’ve hoped for.


Many locations across the U.S. and also the entire world.

Laugh Your Way To A Better Union

Presented by: Laugh Your Means, America!

Why a “laughter” strategy? For one reason: to conquer the objection to a convention. Let us be fair, a union convention isn’t the first thing a guy thinks of when he thinks of “an enjoyable way to spend the weekend” We comprehend that… Familiar with the fact that girls are usually a lot more receptive to talking marital problems than their spouses, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage was created with an element of comedy that appeals to couples, but is particularly well-received by men.


Many locations across the U.S.

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Love Song Getaway

Picture this… You wake to the soft beams of the sun warming your head… step out of your oversize guest area on your lanai to delight from the tropical environment… take an early morning walk along the sandy beach, hand-in-hand with your partner… then head over to the tasteful Ritz-Carlton ballroom to sing praises to the Lord during morning worship led by MercyMe, followed by a schooling from Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages… then it’s off to the pool to have a dip in the refreshing aqua blue pool… and that’s only the start!

The Love Song Couples Getaway will enable you and your partner to escape from the stresses of daily life simply by the Lord, sunsets, and most importantly, time with each other and spending a week enjoying beaches. Join us in the exquisite, Kapalua, Maui on the Love Song Couples Getaway, and create!


Maui, HI

Fan The Flame Marriage Intensive

Presented by: House on the Rock Family Ministries

Your being here means that you think there is still hope for your marriage. That is all we ask … which you’re still able to see a flicker of life … and have a willingness to fan that fire into a meaningful union. You owe it to your partner, yourself and your kids to make that attempt.

Acknowledging your need for an appraisal (or a miracle) is the first step to transforming your connection. You may think you’re too far apart … too hurt and damaged … or too far gone to save your union. We think that our time together will be able to help you begin to stop the craziness so that you may begin putting your connection with God and each other back together again.

May we encourage you … before you decide to extinguish the fire of your union forever, to make at least one more try?


Sandy Cove Retreat Center (North East, MD)

Black Rock Retreat (Quarryville, PA)

Montrose Bible Conference (Montrose, PA)

Harvey Cedars Bible Conference (Harvey Cedars, NJ)

Union Encounter

Marriage Encounter is a weekend away for couples that wish to choose their union from good to great. By Friday night at 8 pm to 4 pm on Sunday afternoon, you and your partner will experience exceptional presentations and dynamic talks in the comfort of a relaxing atmosphere.


Many locations across the U.S.

The Great Smoky Mountain Retreat

Presented by: The Sevierville Church of Christ

This is a perfect retreat for all couples. From the couple to individuals that are beyond their 50th anniversary, all unions can be improved. So we could have the sort of family which brings glory to our various homes, even the Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat teaches fundamentals to couples.


Sevierville, TN

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On the lookout for Christian conventions to attend? Have a look at our enormous collection of the top Christian conventions throughout the country. You’ll locate a conference for pastors just about everybody else, church planters, worship leaders and much more!