Running a website seems pretty simple. As long as you stay on topic with content, have a good product, and put a ton of money into marketing you should be just fine. Right?

Wrong. SEO matters now more than ever, and if you aren’t performing SEO audits often, here’s what you could be missing out on:

An Extra Set Of Eyes On Your Content

It’s very easy to get too close to your own projects. Without realizing it, you could be sabotaging your own SEO efforts because you aren’t open to hearing another opinion. consistent audits from trusted sources will make sure that you stay on message, and that your customers will be able to find you.

A Cleaner, Better Functioning Website

Customer experience matters more than ever. Online shopping continues to grow, and the big businesses of the future are those that consistently stay on the cutting edge of user friendliness. Google knows this and tailors their algorithm accordingly. By getting an SEO audit performed, you’re guaranteed to find any weak links that damage both your rankings and your customer satisfaction.

A Better Understanding Of Your Business

There is plenty of educational information out there that will teach you the basics of SEO. But SEO audits will give you a practical look at how the theory actually works. This is live information that you can’t get by reading a book, especially within the specific context of your business. A professional auditor will help you connect the practical to the theoretical as well, making you a better marketer.

Your first SEO audit could be completed a lot sooner than you think. There is company out there that would love nothing more than to see you reach your business reach its full potential. Look into getting an audit today, so you can enjoy better rankings tomorrow!